18k Gold Filled Chubby Plain  Hoop EarringsWholesale Jewelry Supplies

18k Gold Filled Chubby Plain Hoop EarringsWholesale Jewelry Supplies

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18k Gold Filled Chubby Plain Hoop Earrings
25mm Diameter
7mm Thick



Our jewels are delicate and need care so they are always perfect.

1. Avoid contact with chemicals and cleaning products in general. The most indicated that you remove your part when handling these products.

2. Do not apply perfume when using the piece Perfume, if applied directly on the piece, can, over time, end up damaging the jewelry due to the presence of alcohol in its composition. Therefore, it is best to apply the product and only after a few minutes put on your favorite jewelry.

3. Clean with mild soap and water, as cleaning products can damage the piece, ideally it is washed with mild soap and pure water. This type of cleaning is recommended for everyday use. And it works well in eliminating fat. Don't forget to dry well, in which case you can use a hair dryer. =)

4. Buff with a flannel to safely polish your pieces. A possible oxidation darkening caused by uric acid, chemicals or strong light can be easily removed with the help of a clean cloth. This is a great ally for quick and efficient cleaning, so always keep one close;

5. Store with care When storing your jewelry, always choose a clean and dry place. Therefore, it is important to avoid exaggerated exposure to the sun, humidity, light, contact with scented materials and dyed materials.

We would like to inform a very important matter about broken and used items. We do not accept exchange or refund for this condition.