18k Gold Filled Little Star Choker Featuring Stars All Around Curb Cuban Chain.

18k Gold Filled Little Star Choker Featuring Stars All Around Curb Cuban Chain.

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18K Goldfilled Star Choker 16” long with 2". extension.

Welcome to Milie Jewelry, a Fun and Young jewelry that you will love to wear…
We will introduce to you a whole new idea of jewelry… creative designs you will be amazed.
Our company has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, originated in Brazil, all our merchandise is bathed in 18K Gold. Every single piece is carefully shaped and contain 3 - layers of real gold for awesome coverage. Our items are water friendly, hypoallergenic, and zinc free.
You will have our jewelry for a long time in great condition.
I will advise you: Our unique collection is addicting:
“you won’t resist to have just one”
You will be tempted to show off to all your friends!
Can’t wait for you to start having the same feeling I have when I wear something no one has ever seen it before… It is empowering!

***Buy with confidence we add insurance to every shipping package. ***

Our Etsy store was developed to help you find the most unique styles of modern designs, always looking for elegance and market trends. Here you will find ways to better make your jewelry through quality, seeking harmony, exclusivity and impeccable finish.

Find many more styles in our Milie Jewelry Etsy Store.

You can choose from unique styles of earrings, necklaces, pendants and charms, bracelets, anklets, rings, chokers, and many others. If you don't find a specific style here, don't hesitate to contact us, we also customize any style specially developed for your needs.

Gold filled jewelry is an excellent option for those who wish to have a product of exceptional quality, beautiful and anti-allergenic, but with prices far lower than solid gold jewelry.
Contains a much thicker layer of actual karat gold than "plated" gold and therefore lasts much longer than plated gold. The core of the piece is jeweler's brass while the outer core is a thick layer of heat & pressure-bonded solid gold.
Our products are free of harmful chemicals such as nickel, cadmium or lead.
We produce our jewelry according to the standards of quality using fine 18k pure gold, thus ensuring the quality of the gold filled jewelry.


Our jewels are delicate and need care so they are always perfect.

1. Avoid contact with chemicals and cleaning products in general. The most indicated that you remove your part when handling these products.

2. Do not apply perfume when using the piece Perfume, if applied directly on the piece, can, over time, end up damaging the jewelry due to the presence of alcohol in its composition. Therefore, it is best to apply the product and only after a few minutes put on your favorite jewelry.

3. Clean with mild soap and water, as cleaning products can damage the piece, ideally it is washed with mild soap and pure water. This type of cleaning is recommended for everyday use. And it works well in eliminating fat. Don't forget to dry well, in which case you can use a hair dryer. =)

4. Buff with a flannel to safely polish your pieces. A possible oxidation darkening caused by uric acid, chemicals or strong light can be easily removed with the help of a clean cloth. This is a great ally for quick and efficient cleaning, so always keep one close;

5. Store with care When storing your jewelry, always choose a clean and dry place. Therefore, it is important to avoid exaggerated exposure to the sun, humidity, light, contact with scented materials and dyed materials.